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Our Ambition is to establish and extend your services. Where it is needed through franchises with a proven model of our product. To improve and uplight life through your programs, services, trades, and product.

The RP Card is a loyalty card that provides the public with discounts and deals to local stores and retailers across the GTA.

Savings on {category}, {category}, {category}, {category}, and more! show your RP Card at our participating community partners to receive instant savings every time you shop. Our offers vary but most are between 5% to 20% off*. Check out our Deals page to find all participating RP Card locations, discounts, deals and offers.

Yes, it does, this year’s RP Card is valid from year to year base on the issued date once first activated. Each card is $130+ tax from year to year. The expiry date is one year from the activation date, please make sure to renew as early as possible each year.

You will have to buy a new card. Sorry, but we do not replace lost or stolen cards as they cannot be traced. Click here to find out where you can buy a new card.

Sign up for our mailing list and we’ll make sure to send you special offers, discounts and promos to local companies and events.

Please don’t. This goes against our Terms of UseTerms And Conditions. You’re welcome to spread the word about your RP Card instead

Terms of use: “RP Cards may not be shared and are non-transferable. Card sharing is strictly prohibited and constitutes fraud. Any cardholder who shares their RP Card will have their privileges revoked.”

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